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Lambda is an international highly diversified company focused on Infrastructure, Building, Industrial, MEP, Solar Power Construction, EPC and Concession Contracts, Facility and Project Management. Our vision is to enhance further our role as a worldwide construction group by securing sustainable future development through continuous improvement of services based on our values such as integrity, teamwork, responsibility and transparency.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy strives to improve functional mobility through exercises to enhance the balance and stability of the body and to coordinate body movements.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy utilizes the aquatic environment as a treatment modality to improve coordination, endurance, increase range of motion (ROM) and strength.

Nerve Studies

Electrodiagnostic medicine studies diseases of the nerves and muscles. The results of the tests help the doctor decide which method of treatment is best suited for you.

Epidural Injections

Epidural Steroid Injections are used to alleviate chronic low back pain. Injections deliver steroids into the epidural space of the spine and nerve roots.

  • Physicians' Total Rehab help me recover from a major sports injury. The staff is excellent and knowledgeable.

    Nicholas Thomas
  • I hurt my back at work and PTR came up with a therapy plan designed specifically for me. Not only did I recover quickly but I ended up better than before. I totally recommend.

    Jennifer Stewart
  • After I managed to destroy my knee, Physicians' Total Rehab introduced me to aquatic therapy to help me recover and it was amazing!

    Billy Thompson
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